Pink Floyd and the Flat Earth thumbnail

Pink Floyd and the Flat Earth

Pink Floyd And Flat Earth is an interesting short video looking at possible connections between Pink Floyds music and the Flat Earth.  Please Note: You will see maps presented in this video, this is to give the viewer some idea of what the earth might look like, we need full exploration of this place before…

♪ (flat earth / truther) ♪ mirrored vid 🔥 Somebody's Watching Me (cover Madelyn Darling) thumbnail

♪ (flat earth / truther) ♪ mirrored vid 🔥 Somebody’s Watching Me (cover Madelyn Darling)

this cover version of old “rockwell” tune is fire if u ask me. Also has been featured in a couple/few TV show Episodes – Me though i did not discover it through TV – i was going to grab Hidden Citizens’ cover version of this tune, to post to a Discord server, and yeah discovered…

The Truther Coming Out Party: Max Igan and Flat Earth thumbnail

The Truther Coming Out Party: Max Igan and Flat Earth

Max Igan came out as a flat earther today on the heels of Nikkie Tutorials coming out as trans the other day. Seems like too much of a coincidence, so what’s really going on here? *FAIR USE: content used herein is for educational/commentary purposes only and therefore constitutes fair use.