Flat Earthers Vs Scientists: Clouds & Water Don’t Curve

When it’s flat earthers Vs Scientists, the obvious truth is that clouds and water don’t curve around an imaginary ball earth. Here on the beach on a cloudy day is an excellent example of perspective being the imaginary curve.
Scientist will come up with all sorts of explanations and so-called proofs to defend their belief in the globe earth, but has any one of them ever actually measured any curvature on the earth? Or has any one of them ever demonstrated the imaginary physics associate with the globe earth model?
No. Not one scientist has ever done anything to prove flat earthers wrong in the simple observations and physics that any one can see any where, anytime.
Flat earthers are often accused of not being able to comprehend the globe model said to be supported by scientists all over the earth, but it is those who can only refer to a model that are displaying the Dunning Kruger effect when they believe their “knowledge” from scientists is more superior than the observations and practical demonstrations of flat earthers.
Talking about tides and water, we are in a world of frequencies.

Post Author: hatefull