Flat Earth Debate Ends In Murder Threats From Fundamentalists ==MAKE VIRAL!!!==

Highlights (opening and closing arguments from the debate) @14:39 and 20:00
Flat Earther’s are not just a group of under-educated, misguided, lost souls. Many of them are dangerous Fundamentalists, as I would soon learn the hard way.
I recently was challenged by a group of flat earther’s to a debate. I was offered $200 just to show up. I agreed and spent about 150 hours preparing and researching. I wanted to make sure that I understood the science that I was presenting, and not just repeating “scientism” as it is often called by flat earther’s.
What I didn’t know is that I was being lured into a nest of Fundamentalists, who had been warned in advance that i was a Satanist, The event was a farce.
It didn’t take me long to figure out that something was wrong. My FE opponent repeatedly insulted me, but if I referred to FE as a dumb idea, the moderator would rebuke me. Eventually the organizers, the moderator and audience would all call me a fraud, a fake, an idiot, a liar, and a Satanist.
All with my fiancee and 6 week old in attendance.
Of course, my opponents arguments were complete nonsense, and when it became clear that he couldn’t win fairly, an ex-Navy Seal who is known locally for violence against women and the elderly began approaching me and whispering threats.
During the last quarter of the debate, the audience started yelling that I was Lucifer, and my opponent, who would make a thinly veiled threat of his own around this time, called me a Satanist.
At q n a the microphone was directly to a certain FE’er that had a written statement. He accused me of attempting to lure him into a Satanic Secret Society, and a host of other outrageous accusations.
All of this was done in the
It was later revealed that the life of one of my supporters, an older lady with serious health issues, was also threatened by this ex-seal: “arent you supposed to have cancer? I should just kill you now”.
The threats have continued, as well as a threat of extortion from another Flat Earther. Please share this video with as many people as possible and be extremely careful when challenging flat earther’s.
Awareness must be raised about this dangerous fundamentalist group. Boycott meetings, spread awareness. This is a dangerous movement and it’s spreading. If interested, a full transcript of my part of the debate will be posted on my blog site. There is a link below. In the mean time, here’s a link to the original transcript. It is not edited for public consumption.
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