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My channel has been DEMON-ETIZED AGAIN in October 7, 2019 because of these awakening topics. You need to understand that the demonetization of any channel which is spreading the truth and is helping to wake up the masses, it is an unfair war against all of us because without these channels, we will not be able to learn the truth about many things in this upside down world…

The reason that my channel has been demonetized again acording to them is because of Reused Content. Reused content they mean that i’m repurposing someone else’s content without adding significant original commentary or educational value. Can you believe this ???

This is LIE because all the content that i use is under Creative Commons Attribution license which it means reuse allowed by everyone in many ways…

In the description of each video i always provide the links from the surces of each video that i use.

It is illegal what they are doing because in my channel i have total 442 videos which 350+ videos are videos that i have made by my self with copper art etc.

Why youtube has demonetized my entire channel ???

If i make videos which are not waking up the people but are under creative common, youtube will have no problem but you see i make videos which are very very helpful for most of the people because they wake up and this is something that youtube don’t want…

Please, all of you which are supporting my channel, tweet about this on @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators on twitter so we can inform them and to get their attention to check my channel because my channel has demonetized again by mistake from the AI and the false flags which people of the slavery system are false reporting my channel in purpose.

So please, let’s tweet on @TeamYouTube @YouTube @YTCreators about this unfair decision to demonetize my channel again without doing anything wrong.

Do not be manipulated, mislead, deceived, indoctrinated, brainwashed etc by anyone, including ME. Do your own research…

Note: All the clips in this video are lincensed by other youtubers under Creative Commons Attribution license. (reuse allowed)

All credits go to the original sources and creators of each video as we explain below:

0:01:24 The Nutty Professors of Science https://youtu.be/02tfeXz9j_U

0:04:32 Flat Earth Test – No Curvature from 14, 30, 36 and 44 miles https://youtu.be/Uk1fjnXSvJc

0:09:56 Operation Spread the Flat Earth Truth by Eric Dubay https://bit.ly/2URgCv2

0:20:11 FLAT EARTH For Dummies And Mommies… https://youtu.be/zHgjpkOVARc

0:38:16 Supposed Heliocentric Orbital Movement – They Say We Move Like This… https://youtu.be/Sp-Ol8CUWuI

0:40:53 Rockets In A Vacuum Can’t work https://youtu.be/CuEXH8YV2R8

0:44:26 Satellite Hoax – Ground Based Technology https://youtu.be/8Jwr6l7Xyw4

0:46:50 The Heliocentric Lie Busting Satellites https://youtu.be/908qAFlgrd8

1:03:34 NEIL, THIS IS GRAVITY, but I have NO idea what it is https://youtu.be/hCT4s849vA8

1:07:10 Gravity Does Not Exist by Eric Dubay https://youtu.be/LPgS73cG0f8

1:32:28 Clues about NASA in Movies Gravity Flat Earth https://youtu.be/KXk5umG9YXM

1:37:16 Why Gyroscopes Proves the Flat Earth https://youtu.be/JkiKONN_-UE

2:02:52 Flat Earth and How the Southern Stars Work – Motionless Plane and the Flat Earth – Fixed Stars by Eric Dubay https://youtu.be/ADNeFSuKnqM

To learn more about our flat, motionless Earth, please visit:

Rob Durham https://youtu.be/deoLBQTtXJw

CHRiS WRoCK – Narrow Path https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwm95tvhXYlg2ORPXfVxR1g

Unfortunately youtube has also shadow banned my entire channel. This means that the youtube is not promoting anymore the videos that i upload and and that they hiding them from many subscribers and viewers like i explain in this video: https://youtu.be/zhOcy7kp3Mo

If you find this video usefull, please download and re-upload it in your channels and share it in every other platform so we can share the knowledge because is very important for all of us to know what is going on in our world.

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Thank you very much in advance!

Never Seen A Star Do This – Why Real Stars Twinkle ??? Shocking footages – Flat Earth Discussion https://youtu.be/jvExDwiMvSY

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