Flat Earth/Terra Piatta/Terra Plana/Flache Erde: The Work of God

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The Earth is a stationary circle created by God, supported by the foundations and closed by the firmament’s dome. Our world is a stationary circular plane, not a planet that spins in the infinite space and born by the Big Bang, the case.
Heliocentrism is an immense deception created and perpetrated with the purpose of deceiving people and hiding their importance in the existence, with the truth about our world and God.
NASA and all the other space agencies are a masonic fraud that carries forward the lie of space.
Freemasonry venerates Lucifer/Satan as a god and serves him, and is related with the space fraud: Walt Disney, 33 degrees freemason and NASA.
All the astronauts were and are freemasons: http://freemasoninformation.com/masonic-education/famous/masonic-astronauts/

“It seemed a flat disk with upturned edge.”
(Auguste Piccard, the first man who saw the earth from above.)

Read the Holy Bible, the Word of God. The Bible confirms flat Earth with the firmament’s dome.

“The ancient Israelites envisaged a universe made up of a flat disc-shaped Earth floating on water, heaven above, underworld below.”
“In the Old Testament period, the Earth was most commonly thought of as a flat disc floating on water.”
“The Old Testament concept of the Earth was very similar: a flat circular Earth ringed by a world-ocean, with fabulous islands or mountains beyond at the “ends of the earth”.”


Nobody will stop the truth because it will make all free.
God bless you.


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