Math Powerland comes clean: “I started flat earth for money” (with Jake FEA reaction)

One of the earliest YouTube flat earthers, outraged at being usurped by the new stars of the movement/hobby, confesses that he only started it as a paid comedy routine.

Math Powerland (Matt Boylan) predates Eric Dubay and Mark Sargent, and is regarded by many as firing the current popularity of the YouTube-powered flat earth belief. And yet, according to this, he did it all as a joke.

‘Tis the nature of the world we live in: if you start a conspiracy theory, no matter how whacky, some people will believe it – and then when you tell them you made it up, they will say you’ve sold out, been bought, fallen asleep, and carry on believing.

Note: The Flat Earth Society has been active online for much longer, and there were flat earth videos on YouTube as early as 2008. But Math was perhaps instrumental.

(He quickly deleted this video. But not before it was captured and preserved.)

Originally shared by Jake Somebody in July 2018:

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