Mark Sargent ‘Map Projections’

Please watch: “The Seven Myths of Flat Earth Part 2” –~–
Bob the Science Guy reviews Mark Sargent ‘Flat Earth Clues’ Part 3 where we see if Mark can actually comprehend much less read a map.

Theme Bob Dylan ‘Knocking on Heavens Door’
Harp Guitar Jamie Dupuis
Lyrics and Vocals Canadian Thomas

Jos Leys Animation

My Playlist:

Playing Chess with Pigeons (Individual flat earth debunks)

North Woods Scientist (Interesting Science Videos)

Let’s Talk About Things with Dr. Bob (Patient Education)

Flat Earth Clueless (Mark Sargent Flat Earth Clues)–46

Eric Dubay Zealot or Conman? (Review of Eric Dubay’s Videos)

Flat Earth Engineer (Balls Out Physics/Brian Mullin)

Flat Earth Can’t Science (the Series that Started it All)

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