Mark Sargent ‘Fake Moon Landings’

Bob the Science Guy reviews Episode 1 of ‘Flat Earth Clues’ by Mark Sargent.

In this episode Mark repeats the ‘Moon Landings are Fake’ assertion originally made by Eric Dubay (uncredited)

False claims are debunk one by one and photos of the Apollo landing sites are provided.

Of note in this video is Mark’s depiction of the movie ‘Capricorn One’ as a possible example of how to fake a moon landing. Capricorn One came out in 1978 and was in production in the aftermath of the Watergate Scandal at a time mistrust of the government was high. Like Mark, it played to the mindset of the audience.

Intro Theme by Bob Dylan
Lyrics and Vocals Canadian Thomas
Harp Guitar by Jamie Dupuis

What really happen with Apollo 11

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