Curvature Captured By Drone – Flat Earth Falsities

In this video, I demonstrate another way to show that the earth is curved. Flat earthers have no explanation for the fact that the higher you go, the farther you can see. This fact is even more noticeable when you have multiple objects in the distance, such as ships and a distant island. On a flat earth, there is no reason that objects at different distances should disappear behind the same horizon. And when you climb to a higher elevation, the missing surface that was hidden behind the curve becomes visible. So I flew a drone from the shoreline straight up 250 feet, and it captures exactly what is predicted by a spherical earth. The higher you go, the more water you can see between the ships and Catalina Island in the distance. This clearly demonstrates the curve of the earth in an easy to understand visual way. There is no way to explain this on a flat earth.

Post Author: hatefull