Zeteticism (FLAT EARTH) Vol. 6: Verification of a Warm Troposphere & the Zetetic Eye Gyroscope Model

The Zeteticism series is about the mechanics and geometry of the Zetetic Eye Gyroscope model for zetetic earth (flat earth). In this sixth volume of the Zeteticism series, additional evidence is provided for the Zetetic Eye Gyroscope model for flat earth via the empirical discovery that the Troposphere is not brutally frigid, but is quite warm.
**My theory on the second broken window jet plane story discussed, the Chinese flight, is that the story was fabricated, and it was planted in the world media, because there needed to be a story in the media about ultra-cold atmosphere, to offset the April 17, 2018 story about the Southwest flight, which clearly did not have anything like frigid air involved. The Chinese plane story has all the signs of a faked story by the big money power-players of the secret government: it can’t be verified, contains tremendous absurdity, supports mainstream political and/or scientific propaganda, and appears all over media suddenly right when needed by ‘the powers that be’ (another example of this would be the so-call ‘discovery’ of gravitational waves / the graviton [see my video on that topic])–these are the typical properties of the fake news that the mass media puts out. The Chinese airliner story clearly is absurd (as discussed in the video), and all that is said about the supposed incident in most of the news stories is (1) window broke, (2) cold air, (3) plane shaking and tough but heroic landing, and then (4) all sorts of fanfare about the amazing pilot and what a hero is the bulk of all news, thus turning it into a tabloid-style story that would grab many, taking them away from the raw facts of this supposed story.**
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