Narcissism And.. The Flat Earth #1 – Daniel Pratt Reshaping Our World Is He A Narcissist?

In this episode in the new series of Narcissism And The Flat Earth, I look at Daniel Pratt Reshaping The World and shed light on the question whether he is a narcissist or sociopath, neither or both.

Using a narc-o-meter, which begins at healthy narcissism, something we all need, to very unhealthy, possible antisocial, I look at examples from Daniel Pratt himself to form my own viewpoint. This is in no way means of any sort of diagnosis, but it simply throws light on narcissistic traits in action. In order for a diagnosis you would need to know a lot more about the person in question in much more detail.

** Please excuse the early sound issues. I had a lot of technical issues with this but this video is already over a week late so I had to let it go out as it is in the end **

Flat Earther and all round conspiracy theorist Daniel Pratt could be mistaken as being just crazy. But I look at how manipulative he is and other things that tell me he has very unhealthy levels of narcissism.

When you watch Daniel Pratt you will learn how to spot the signs of somebody who appears to be very narcissistic and shows signs of possible Antisocial Personality Disorder (Sociopathy). But is it all an act? Who knows.


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