Flat Earth, Narcissism & Daniel Pratt v Team Skeptic

I am going to be doing some videos about why people believe the earth is flat, regardless of the overwhelming evidence that states otherwise. The first series of Narcissists And.. is the Narcissists And The Flat Earth.

Mainly I want to look at the connection between Cluster B Personality Disorders and believing in a flat earth.

Recently Daniel Pratt Reshaping the world came onto my radar displaying some classic Cluster B red flags. And he was parodied and debunked by a flat earth debunked called Team Skeptic. This lead to what can best be described as a narcissistic injury that lead to not only a malicious video copyright take down request by him, but also video after video of what appear to be paranoid rants.

I can’t diagnose anyone so I wouldn’t say for certain the is what I suspect an Antisocial Personality Disorder because I simply don’t know enough about him. But I am going to talk about some of his traits seen on his YouTube channel and talk about the issue with Pratt & Team Skeptic from my point of view.

Daniel Pratt Reshaping The World: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChyieEUJiov11MbVRcYf1cA
Team Skeptic: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCawl3BI9azbMB5DQqJNpRrg

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