Rotation? The Flat Earth View

I have a video on how to observe the rotation of the earth from the surface coming out in a day or two. I thought I would present the Flat Earth ‘perspective’ on rotation with some discussion.

Unfortunately the Flat Earth Movement understand Rotation about as well as they understand perspective. For a better understanding, see my video

Original video

Bob’s Websites Check them OUT:


What can I say, he has 275K subscribers and is one of the most popular debunkers on YouTube.

Wolfie is the reason I got into the debunking/science/aviation community, great sense of humor and well made videos that make the complex simple.

Team Skeptic-
Great Science, his debunking style is edgier than mine. If you like astronomy, science and live debates, check him out!

FTFE/Fight the Flat Earth-
Physics and Humor, doesn’t tolerate fools and frequently has live debates. Tell him Bob sent you!

Conspiracy Catz-
One of my favorite channels and the guy I wish had been my high school physics teacher.

Started a couple of months after me, style much like mine but more hands on builds. Give him a sub and watch him grow!

I’ll be updating this list every month or so and am constantly running across new creators. So check back frequently!

Bob the Science Guy

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