The Flat Earth Movement and Personality

This video answers the question: What possible personality profile might we see associated with the Flat Earth movement. This is a group that believes that the earth is flat as opposed to spherical and this isn’t something that they’re doing just to be funny or to kind of mix things up, rather many of the members of this group actually believe the earth is flat. There’s a real conviction here in terms of belief. First, it’s important to point out here that I can’t and won’t diagnose anybody who’s not my client, so really here I’m just speculating about what we might see in terms of personality or mental health symptoms with some people that have this belief. There could be people that are members of that movement who have no mental health disorders and have a personality profile that’s within normal limits.
What could be going on here in terms of personality or mental health. There could be nothing going on – many of the members could simply look at this theory and be intrigued and join the movement. It could also be a sense of belonging. I think there is a financial incentive for people that run this. There could also be some extreme personality traits in play, here particularly, I would think low openness to experience (being very rigid and dogmatic) or very high openness to experience (extensive fantasy, creativity, and imagination) There could be low agreeableness – simply being a contrarian. In terms of mental health, there are a lot of potential explanations: paranoid personality features, schizotypal personality features, schizophrenia, and there’s some other disorders as well that have a delusional component. When we look at what qualifies as a delusion, it would be when somebody believes something is contrary to overwhelming significant evidence, and that seems to be what’s going on here some of the time. Again, there are a lot of reasons somebody could join an organization like this or have these beliefs – a delusional frame of mind would just be one of these reasons.

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