Earth is not a Globe, STUPID ft. Fight the Flat Earth

What’s Up Heathens! Today we are looking at Bruce Wright’s proof that Earth is not a globe, STUPID! We have Fight the Flat Earth on to help us with a couple of the points. Basically, this guy just doesn’t understand what he’s talking about.

So this guy Bruce claims that anyone that tries to disprove the flat earth becomes a flat-earther. That’s demonstrably false right off the bat. He also thinks that planes shouldn’t be able to keep up with the earth if it was spinning. Fight The Flat Earth helps me out with that one by stating that the rotational speed is not that fast and that is the only speed that makes a difference in this situation.

Bruce goes onto say that this one video proves that there isn’t a curve. I go into detail as to why that footage definitely does show a curve. The person making the video miscalculates the curvature and I demonstrate how Bruce is completely wrong about everything he’s saying.

Finally he goes on about density and gravity but Fight the flat earth is there to save me from too much flerfer “logic.”

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