Is Earth Flat or spherical? | Flat Earth Secret Society Tamil | Conspiracy Theory | Tamil LIVE | Raj

This video explains Flat Earth Secret Society and Is Earth Flat or Round? with the flat earth conspiracy by raj Tamil language. The main question among the people is earth flat or round.. that question rise by Flat earth society. The video about based on theory of flat earth..

flat earth theory explain in tamil language by raj. flat earth is not true concept because of no gravity.. gravity caught the air and sky. flat earthers counts rise 200 per every 1 year from 2009. Some peoples says the flat earth society is secret one like a secret flat earth society..

flat earth secret society has website, Facebook, twitter account.. The flat earth society try to proof earth is flat not round. they have so answers for flat earth but these answers are totally against real science

some materials not able to believe about flat earth theory.. but too many tamil peoples search about tamil flat earth society, This also say like Conspiracy theory because it make all science as fake..

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