Some Americans are ignorant and proud (S1E74) Flat Earthers Strike Back!

Some Americans are ignorant and proud (S1E74) Flat Earthers Strike Back!
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Snippets are from:
1. Intro : Green Day – Too Dumb to Die (Official Lyric Video)
2. Flat Earth Face Down In The Mainstream Pt 3 📺 Truth Revealed in Plane Sight!
3. CBS Philadelphia covers Flat Earth billboard – ORIGINAL COPY
4. Flat Earth And Other Hot Potatoes
5. How Average People Fall For The Flat Earth Conspiracy
6. Ripping apart “Flat Earthers” in under 5 minutes
7. Flat Earth – SHAQ agrees with Kyrie Irving The Earth is Flat (audio)
8. Kyrie Irving and Draymond Green’s Flat Earth Theory GETS DESTROYED by Dave Chappelle
9. Flat Earth Man is back! – ‘Puppet Show” – an ISS exposé – FUNNY
10. Nariko Ott Stand Up Comedy
11. Man Out to Prove the World Is Flat Crashes Homemade Rocket
12. Shocked! 4th Grader exposes gravity fraud!
13. FEOHP flat earth breakfast. Patricia Steere
14. Things globeheads say
15. Flat Earth: Questions You’ve Wanted To Ask A Believer
16. Flat Earth CRUSHED by Discovery Channel
17. FLAT EARTH Theorist Explains Why We Don’t Fall Off
18. Flat Earth United – The Earth Is Flat
19. Flat Earth PROOF Spirit Level Flight Experiment
20. NASA vs Flat Earther
21.Flat Earth Conspiracy Theorist Confronts NASA
22. Proving The Earth Is Flat!

“It’s 2018, and despite NASA photography, despite science, despite the fact that humans have landed on the moon, there are people who still believe the Earth is flat. These ideas aren’t dying. They’re gaining momentum. In an era in which “fake news” has its own hashtag, belief in a flat Earth has become something of a distilled, crystallized endgame. In our timeline, hard evidence the Earth is round is nothing more than an inconvenient alternative fact.
Some flat Earthers believe the Earth is encircled by a wall of ice. Many believe gravity doesn’t exist. Most believe that every photo of a spherical Earth from space has been doctored.
All believe we’re being lied to.
Major gatherings among flat-Earth believers are increasing in frequency. Just last month, Birmingham played host to the UK’s first flat-Earth convention. A Flat Earth International Conference is planned in Edmonton, Alberta, in August. It’s (ironically) a global movement, and it’s increasing in scale.” BY MARK SERRELS
MAY 11, 2018

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