Flat Earth Falsities – Plane Nonsense

Flat earthers have lots of questions about how airplanes can work on a spinning spherical earth, that they seem to think cannot be answered. Well of course these questions are based on misconceptions, and are easy to answer, when you understand some simple scientific principles, and the physical forces involved.

Here are the common flat earth airplane questions addressed in this video.

1. Why does it take the same time to fly east as it does west if the earth is spinning at 1000 mph?
2. How can a plane land going north or south, if the earth is spinning sideways at 1000 mph?
3. Why doesn’t a plane have to dip it’s nose to follow the curve of the earth?
4. Why did a plane flying from Taiwan to Los Angeles make an emergency landing in Alaska?
5. Why do all intercontinental flights in the southern hemisphere make “fueling stops” in the northern hemisphere?
6. How can gyroscopic artificial horizons work if the plane is curving around the earth? Why don’t they roll backwards?

Flat Earth – Time lapse of Artificial Horizon self corrections – Pt 1a.
by Wolfie6020

Flat Earth – A look inside the Artificial Horizon – Pendulous Vanes
by Wolfie6020

Sunlight over a flat earth – Debunked!
by Jos Leyes

The flat earth is debunked. Here are other videos in the Flat Earth Falsities series:

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