24hr live feed of Earth addendum. Clouds, Rotation and Satellites. Flat Earth debunked again.

I’M BACK!!!! All previous copyright strikes have been overturned, all videos reinstated. Now I’m free to post more videos. And I’ll start by wiping up more crap the Flat Earthers and Space Travel Deniers have left on my channel. I’m not particularly complaining because, after all, what better way to celebrate April Fools day by showing these deniers to be the fools they are. 😀

Flat Earthers and Space Travel Deniers are fond of claiming that there is no live video of Earth as seen from the Blue Marble point of view. That’s despite the fact that the privately owned EchoStar XI provided such video footage over a FIVE YEAR PERIOD.

When presented with this evidence, such Flattards were quick to call it fake. They claimed there was no cloud movement, not rotation of the Earth and no satellites seen in the video.

Firstly, there is cloud movement. All they had to do was jump back and forth between different time codes to see the movement more prominently.

Second, as stated in my previous video, EchoStar XI was a geostationary satellite. That means the time it takes to orbit the Earth is the same time it takes the Earth to rotate. Subsequently, cameras aboard geostationary satellites will always see the same side of the Earth. The rotation can only be inferred by the movement of the terminator line and also the Sun, Moon and occasional planets moving past in the background.

Thirdly, there are many artist renditions illustrating the abundance of satellites and space debris in orbit around the Earth. They often depict the debris densely packed together like a swarm of bees. Flat Earthers and Space Deniers seem to be of the belief that these diagrams are a true representation of what pictures of Earth from space should look like. However, they choose to ignore the disclaimers that specifically state that the images have SIZE EXAGGERATION – in other words, the satellites are not drawn to scale and enlarged to make them appear more clearly.

The idiocy of these deniers never ceases to amaze.

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