Flat Earth? A Practical Observation

The following video is more of a presentation than anything else, it is not a documentary, it is a question based in practical testable reality and not theoretical fantasy.
Science is an open book and this question has demonstrable merit.

Water cannot conform to the exterior of shapes, specifically spinning ones, a body of water must be contained.

Opposing pressure systems cannot exist side by side, (i.e the vacuum of space and the non vacuum of earth) they must have a solid barrier to seperate them.

The curvature of the 24,901 mile globe we are told we live on simply does not exist, either that or the earth is much much much larger than we have been told it is.

We have no real pictures of earth from space that show curvature.

Civilian Space eXploration Team
GoFast 2014 accomplishments:
• World record, highest amateur rocket launch
• World record, fastest speed rocket launch
• First photo taken from space onboard an amateur rocket
• Second amateur rocket in history to reach space

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