The “nORB Theory” OFFICIAL HD 3D VERSION – Flat Earth vs Globe vs ORB?! Geocentric 3D Models


Infographics and frames:

Reverse engineering the globe. EDIT: I’m getting asked a lot if people can re-upload this and or translate it to their language. The answer is YES – please do – all I ask is that you do not monetize it, do not name it the OFFICIAL video in your title, state that it’s MIRRORED with a link back to the original. It has already been translated to Russian, and Spanish is coming up next. Feel free to do the short version of this as well as that is aimed more at the crowd that likes small byte sized content bits vs the 36min version.

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Here’s the soundtrack ::

Here’s the SHORT version ::

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Hi, thanks again for taking time out to watch this. I know, it’s abstract, and is meant as a thought exercise vs a definitive belief (hence ‘theory’).

First time I heard the term ‘flat earth’ or ‘geocentric vs heliocentric earth’, I thought ‘hmmmm kinda crazy but it wouldn’t surprise me’.

The ancient Greek, Hebrew, Norse, Hindu and other cosmology all use the ORB theory. A lot of the theories mix well with ‘some’ parts of modern science, and ‘some’ parts of major religions.

I tried to model this after watching Martin Kenny’s video (linked above).

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