Flat Earther Nathan Thompson works to recruit new believers – Daily Mail

One of the first lessons we learn in school is that the Earth is a globe that rotates on its axis and orbits the sun. But there is an ever-growing community of people who reject ‘globehead’ thinking and insist that the world is, in fact, flat. These ‘Flat Earthers’ believe that our planet is encircled by a giant, heavily-policed ice wall and that gravity is just an unproven theory. They also claim that NASA is a fraudulent organisation and that all the photographs and video footage we have from space are computer-generated imagery (CGI). The crazy – and scientifically disproven theory – will be laughable to most. Humans have known the earth is round for thousands of years, while ancient Greek mathematician Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the planet with surprising accuracy before his death in 195 BC.

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