Flat Earth: The Cognitive Dissonance Of Water

There is no way around it. All repeatable observations and demonstrations prove that all bodies of water at rest maintain a flat, level and horizontal surface. No matter the scale. Never curved. Cohesion and adhesion has been well covered. A curved bottom of a container for instance will never make the surface of the water curved. Logically. Just like you always see in reality. Same goes for sea and lake beds. Flat, level and horizontal. Claims of “gravity” curving bodies of water do not hold up to observation and facts. A body of water will never cling to a sphere, thus the Earth is not a sphere. It really is that simple folks. Real science and observation proves this time and time again.

Credits: Taboo Conspiracy, wide awake, Globebusters, groutaone, Phuket Word, Beyond The Imaginary Curve, Nathan Oakley1980, Dorje Daka, and anyone else I’m forgetting.

Post Author: hatefull