Flat Earth Debunk! – Following the Seattle Ferry Boat over the Curve

What a great day to bust out one of the telescopes and film Seattle!

Caught another Ferry Boat approaching Seattle, and decided to follow it. You’ll notice the lowest set of windows disappearing first, then the next set, and by the time the ferry reaches the “hidden” Dock, the entire car deck is below the horizon.

Another thing you’ll notice, if you compare to my video “11 miles over water” Is a total lack of atmospheric distortion. Nothing is distorted near the horizon. Thanks to the Air and water temps being almost exactly the same. It was raining all morning, then as soon as the sun broke I packed up and headed to Bainbridge Island.

No music on this one.. And the raw video was over 20 minutes long. I cut to the part where I caught the Ferry, sped up the video 4x and just posted it as is.. Nothing fancy, just wanted to upload today’s observation so I can start something new.

I’m also open to any suggestions…

Tide was coming in, and by the time I was done today, I was standing in about 4-5 inches of water. Ha!

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