STOP Falling For CURVED LENSES!! (PROOF The Earth is FLAT!!) | Fe Proof 3 pt2

PROOF Earth Is Level x FLAT!! | ALL EPISODES [by Feed Your Mind 2] –

please dont tell me you are still being fooled by fish eye lens pictures of the earth. it shows how easily the public is fooled when you have globe earthers still bringing up that they have seen the curve. get it through your heads….the pictures you have seen are fish eye lenses!! it’s easy to know when a false curve is being used. watch this video to find out how to spot it!!

Lets take a ride higher than any airplane can go…lets take a virtual reality trip on a weather balloon and search for globe earth curvature. If there is no curve of the earth visible over 21 miles up in the sky…than the earth is flat. This also means any curvature thought to be seen below 21 miles is invalid. Where does the word horizon come from any ways?? oh yeah…its a pagan word based off horus the sun god. So all this globe earth stuff seams to be the product of mk ultra brain washing of the mass public.

The iss uses fish eye lens…do not be fooled…the earth is flat!!

The horizon is always flat and level. thats why they call it sea level. the earth is flat and science is hiding it from you. there is several reasons why a provable flat and level horizon proves flat earth. this video will explain these reasons to you. according to globe earth math, there is a measurable curvature of the globe earth. at distances of 50-100 miles there should be around a 100 – 1500 drop of globe curvature. the specifics are laid out in this video. there is no doubt that the earth is flat.

for more proof about the earth being level and flat… click the link at the top of this comment



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