Flat Earth Falsities – Gravity, Density, and Buoyancy

Flat earth believers have all sorts of excuses for why gravity cannot hold things and people to the spherical earth. These claims are based on misunderstandings of science, denial of conclusive evidence, and other nonsense. In this video, I debunk several of these claims.

1. Gravity does not exist.
2. Gravity has never been proven.
3. Gravity is just density and buoyancy.
4. Gravity is just air pressure.
5. Gravity is just electromagnetism.
6. Gravity is selective.
7. Water finds its level and cannot bend.

Do you weigh more at the poles than at the equator?

“Flat Earth – Missing Curvature found” – by Jesse Kozlowski, a good summary of geodesic surveying by a professional in the field.

The flat earth is debunked. Here are other videos in the Flat Earth Falsities series:

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