Flat Brothas on Flat Earth


flat brothas

no masons negate what we create
unstoppable, untouchable, god fearin worldwide flat brothas
zane goes at his finest
let the world see, forever flat for life
god fearin flat brothas, we’re comin after these masons, worldwide
feel me, zanes insane brain

flat life in exchange for globes, turn hatred into love
ball full of babies cryin from our flat smackin glove
ain’t no baller ever quit, til they got a flat earth bug
had the ball blown up, ’cause they learned to see the sun, do ya feel me?
world do ya hear me, catch a risin star
flat earth love, nasa fears me
got these masons runnin all wild for an alibi
when we ride mason liars are sho’ to cry
boom, when we enter the room, in the air
all you hear is the whispers of doom, nasa scared
they don’t wanna see us head on..
think of all the brothas that are flat we are legion strong
kill your slave master, messin with a flat brotha, Z.A.N.E.
flat tracks all gettin spread quicker
show em all let em understand the globe’s out da picture
sliced open jugular by a god fearin flat brotha
can you feel me?
a god fearin flat brotha
i got the globe goin under, it’s no wonder
a flat brotha

i was raised to see scams, i see the hustle in your plans
the globe model is made by masons, so we know we should never trust man
they got us spinnin wonderin where does life begin
these masons tricked my father and my father before him
cause i roll with immortal flat brothas
and my number one plan to crash the plan to grab more taxes from flat brothas
masons don’t like us because the father straight loves us
the president told us to leave, cause the government don’t want us

enter zane man, i get my pleasure and i’m grinin
when seein masons squirmin
cause i’m startin a new beginnin
a flat brotha
how many masons fall in ya vision?
take em down for every last minute that they spun this prison
we hang together, plus do chat raids together
blast whenever, knowin globes can’t last forever
there’s only one way out and one way in
flat brothas cross out, and toss out all masonic men
we need excuses to stop, drop, and roll
push these fools down the hill, into a big hole
i can’t be touched when the word of God I clutch
and these masons that we’re under
it’s just too much
we flat brothas

picture flat scenery, and then soon you won’t have to imagine
call me a prophet cause i’m predictin what’s gonna happen
they began then nasa scammin all those
who be money grabbin, will be purged like pourin out gravy
baby, maybe, if we don’t slip
but i became official since the start of this, they call me zane
born to die my heavenly father
precious but others gave their life doved in honor
but still its flat, a flat brotha, flat is the game
made for war, my aim is simple and plain
yeah when nasa’s slain, then blast this track for your brain
you’ll forever know my name, they call me zane

i can’t count the times, they played my head
there will be no more of that
the old dog, Z-dog playin killuminati combat
with the criminals killed, they cannot beat us brothas
so now still and chill, recognize the real deal
knelt down to the ball when i was young and dumb
it was fun, and we paid, so they fooled us for some
and now the outcome is the same every time
the globes gotta die, get yours cause i’ma get mine
the flat bros, we follow God’s will and testament
rhymes baptize your mind while paralyze the public
with my mentality of war, masonic members will be no more
flat brotha to the core
the results of livin poor
got me thinkin on a flat level
layin down tracks to erase all these crazed devils
mash globes from here to there day by day, year to year
flat brothas droppin dope tracks for your ear, i’m a flat brotha

call me ball boy killer, catchin nasa lies daily
ya know the feds trail me, so my alias Zanearelli
gettin lessons how masons stealin treasuries
game, when applied help us revolt this next century
locked us in a cage, but we turned the page
surround mason lodges with the truth and pray
they wonder if we’ll go when they finally press us
on our knees to God, prayin for deliverance
i’m convinced God makes me proud
he’s got me firin out tracks like a steam train when it screams out loud
read the bible and discover your orders
find yourself to be raised up and saved by the almighty fatha
insane zane unchained this flat plane, i maintain
my army of subscribers that stay tuned
til the day i die, i’ll be remembered as a woke brotha
flat life to the grave, a real god lovin flat brotha

can you feel me? come closer, ha ha
get into the mind of a flat brotha, i can’t be touched
masonic liars get stuffed, feel me?
i’m havin righteous dreams, all i want is the cream
mentality is God themed, i’m on a flat team
come and see, to a flat brotha
flat brotha Zane, comin at ya strong
Luke Dough Nelly, Loner Poet B Lee, Flat Earth Focker
Flat Stuff Earth, I send this out to my brothas on the tubes
the god fearin flat brothas
all my brothas on Flat Earth

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