Best Flat Earth and Geocentric Proof for Skeptics in 2018

If you’re starting to wonder why there are so many Flat Earthers, so did we. It’s okay to laugh and be skeptical, but we challenge you to look at their side of the argument. We don’t claim to have all the answers, but this video contains some of the best Flat Earth proofs we could find and proves we don’t live on a ball. There are many more and we are working on a longer version, but this one should be safe to share with all the skeptics out there.

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I wanted to give credit to the following channels for compiling most of the evidence in this video. If any of your research is in this video, please let me know so I can give credit. Also, feel free to share any of my videos, just put a link to the original video in the description.

Channel: Rob Skiba
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Rob’s website is

Channel: Mike Hemlick
Found at:

Channel: ThePottersClay
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Channel: DITRH
Found at:

Channel: World History Official
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Found at:

Channel: ODD Reality
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Channel: Dwayne Kellum

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