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If you still don’t understand how this is proof, watch my next video on refraction and the possibilities and observations of it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pfybtObSwAo&t=468s

Angular resolution/perspective, atmospheric refraction, diffraction, diffusion, magnification/lensing, mirages, reflection, waves, undulating surfaces and terrain, buildings, layers of atmospheric gradients at a distance, ect… blocking line of sight at a distance all account for the cutting off and disappearance of objects and are all real and can be accounted for, unlike hypothetical curvature. Each of these instances globers mistake for curvature because it’s all they can do. The glober must shift his arguments around because “the curve” is a variable. If you aimed your camera at any distant object and kept it there all year around, you’ll see your “curve” become a variable due to temperatures and atmospheric conditions and any other possible blockage at a distance. One could cherry pick any scene one wanted, all while ignoring where the actual “curve” should actually be.

A glober in cognitive dissonance won’t even care if it lines up with where “the curve” is supposed to be or not, yet would try to parade around a holy grail of some sort if you think you have a close match with something…. then write it off when “the curve” looks different the next day. Funny how you can never see curvature from the side or when elevating, unless you have a fish eye lens of course 😉 but when it comes to instances where an object should have been thousands of feet behind “the curve”, you then fall back on a superior mirage or a fata morgana still, but ignore that those are all often wavy, unstable, and inverted and certainly don’t sustain themselves forever and are only visible at certain angles/distances to the observer. They will “shift” and go away as you approach.

The glober must, with no other option, use looming/mirages/refraction EACH and EVERY single time an object is seen, that should have been hidden behind “curvature”. Refracting focused, stable images, depending on thickness of atmosphere and temp., not just feet, but MILES up in the air at times, landing the image perfectly to you, right on your apparent horizon line, bottom from top or not, and this is happening each and every single time regardless of conditions and locations of long distance footage… the most insanely, beyond belief conditions, each and every time, where the atmosphere, density altitude, dew point, ect… is somehow constantly changing/shifting just right in such perfect fashions, in small sections, bit by bit, to lift objects UP and OVER and DOWN across curvature so we can always see objects at distances greater than what 8in per square mile dictates… just so you can say “spheres look flat to us, but it’s not really flat”. And with all of this curvature going on, cutting off boats and buildings before our vary eyes (sometimes), yet we can’t see this illusive curve from side views and from the highest distance a civilian can travel upwards with a rocket or a balloon and no fish eye lens or barrel distortions. No NASA.

We are seeing water well beyond 3.1 miles with all these examples and that is what matters here. At that distance, the surface of the earth, water here, curves out beneath our view at this point. You can’t zoom in on it, its beneath your viewing angle. All you could zoom in on is into space/sky and only if an object is tall enough…. and it will be tilted and can only ever see the top halve not the bottom. I’m sorry, but refraction can’t help you here. It won’t cause (North Rack for example) 5 MILES WORTH of water, spreading out in all directions, to be refracted up perfectly, foot by foot, mile by mile, evening it’s self out somehow as the curve drops further and further, to be stretched out STRAIGHT across from you and your 3 mile horizon limit, miles out…. and yet still have water be seen beyond the rack. Doesn’t happen and can not happen. Generally speaking, the denses layer of air is right above the water and light from above going through denser and denser mediums will cause light to refract DOWN, not up and certainly not in the fashion that the globe model would need to demand here and on a daily, world-wide basis lol.

Things that should make a glober go “hmmmmm”…. but instead they disconnect themselves from observable reality and from even “their” own explanations at times, reach for the impossible, and eventually commit every logical fallacy and use every debate tactic in the book while defending their indoctrination of Heliocentrism. Don’t let this be you. Flat Earth has been proven here, don’t fool yourself. The next step is to accept it. Only then can you actually begin to see the rest of the puzzle, how it came to be and why.

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