5 DUMBEST Things Flat Earthers Actually Believe

Top 5 DUMBEST Things Flat Earthers Actually Believe.
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The earth is a flat dome bordered by ice and surrounded by its own cosmic heavenly body. At least, that’s what Flat earth believers want to you think. And thousands of years ago, many ancient civilizations believed in a flat Earth, too. Today, the flat earth theory is running strong, and believers claim to have plenty of evidence that disputes conventional globe-Earth believers.

Evolving technology and growing skepticism about science has increased the population of flat Earth believers. It’s estimated that one in every 500 humans believe in the flat Earth model, but are too concerned about repercussions of their beliefs to openly discuss them. YouTube of results offer insight into just how quick the flat Earth community is growing. In 2015, if you searched for “flat Earth” you’d get 50,000 results. Today, the number hovers around 17 million and counting.

Flat earth theorists believe that once you set aside your programmed thinking and lessons, you can use your own critical eye and come sense to see that something’s not quite right. For them, everything around you may not be exactly as it seems, and to get to the root of it, you’ll have to be open-minded enough to explore other potential ideas about your world.

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