FLAT EARTH BRITISH, Holy F**king Sh*T ! What Have I Found “In A 1733 Atlas”?

# Mud Flood Join Martin Liedtke for a literally mindblowing vlog. I’ve sent to me a French Atlas from 1733,and what it show’s raises serious questions concerning official historical narratives of the time.What we will see is an entire City “Below Ground level”,seeing is believing,and numerous starforts,and what would seem to be public crucifixions ,in “1733”.In the first part of the post however we will be looking at some petroglyphs Similar to the “Nasca Lines”, found in the landscape in the Lake Van area of Eastern Turkey , that was sent to me by a kind sub.,more to come soon on FEB. I do hope you enjoy this post and a special thanks to all my subs ,for you help and support.Thanks! please feel free to sub or share this video. Peace & Love people. Linked the 1733 Atlas for your enjoyment. http://gallica.bnf.fr/ark:/12148/btv1b105098111/f1.item.r=description%20de%20la%20pologne%20prusse.zoom Linked the details for the FE UK Convention 2018. https://www.flatearthconventionuk.co.uk/

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