Flat Earthers: See the Curvature of the Earth! The ultimate proof :)

Just because all our Edge of Space videos get bombed with comments form Flat Earthers, we try to have them and their discussion concentrated here.
To this video:
– A wide angle camera has been used. This might contribute to the Earth looking more curved – or less – depending on the situation/altitude/angle etc. The Earth is not as curved from the altitude we flew as it might look at some sequences of this video
– We used to climb up to almost 25km ith the MiG-25, lately it was closer to 16-17km, in the MiG-29. you can indeed see the curvature of the Earth up there, as countless customers will confirm to you
– We repeatedly offered flights to Flat Earthers who commented under our videos, offering them a full refund if they dare to book an Edge of Space flight with us and don’t see the curvature up there. Not a single one of them accepted the offer, which suggests they are not that sure about their Flat Earth theory in the end.

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