Time Lapse of the Sun Proves the Flat Earth The Sun Fully Explained

A PROOF YOU CAN DO!! Ask yourself how is it that when the Sun sets that you don’t see clouds on the sunset horizon moving TOWARDS you relative to the Sun. Supposedly the reason the sun is setting is because the Earth is supposedly spinning away from the Sun – yet how is it that you see the clouds basically going in whatever random direction they were going – without consistently towards you relative to the Sun?

Every sunset with clouds in the sky should feature CLOUDS moving towards the observer in the direction of the sunset. Yet they don’t.

If you ask a scientist why it is that planes don’t have to worry about landing on an airfield oriented North to South they will likely tell you that its because the ENTIRE ATMOSPHERE is moving due to gravity. That’s laughable, and although that is exactly what would be argued. If you still need to prove this to be wrong to yourself get some magnets with forces similar to gravity and play around with moving things out from them and you will soon see that it is completely IMPOSSIBLE to move things uniform with variable strength.

We are in a dome, the Earth is FLAT.

Time Lapse of the Sun making 360° circuit. Flat Earth proof.

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