Flat Earth: Psyop Disinformation Saturation

It’s so very easy to see how Social Media and Cyberspace are saturated this and every other mind-numbing disinformation meme, that drowns out all reality or actual truth – on any topic. Since I’ve been watching it incrementally develop for the last ten years, it’s just unfathomable that media and society in general – haven’t caught on yet.
It’s so very easily traceable as well. It started with the single operation, #IranElection.” This prototype was the first to use Twitter to create false reality out of thin air – simple by flooding Social Media with it, and making it look like “the whole world was watching.”

After that near-success at Regime change in Iran, the next operation was Arab Spring. This time it incorporated several countries at once, but the methodology of saturation with false-reality continued and expanded.

Then, it was expanded to even more countries in Europe. False reality drove endless pseudo-uprisings. Brexit and the toppling of the Ukrainian government, were two of the ‘successes.’

Then, the operation expanded to the United States, as “Occupy Wall Street.” The same fake reality saturation and destabilization tactics that had been used from the start (in addition to everything they learned from all the other operations) was implemented here. This operation expanded to every other meme driven protest division group and protest (including the Black vs White / BLM vs White Supremecists’ organizations dividing this country right now), and culminating in the massive false reality “Fake News” deluge, that handed this country – to Trump.

There’s very good reason that the more ridiculous, offensive, divisive, or false a tweet is from Donald Trump, the more RTs and support it gets. Tens or hundreds of thousands of RTs for every Trump Tweet come from the same “simulated social media population” as tens or hundreds of thousands of Flat Earth tweets and comments come from. At this point, there aren’t ANY topics of ANY significance that aren’t saturated by these bot networks… and people, the media, and Donald Trump – think it’s real. Go look at some the accounts RTing, interacting with, and puppeteering Trump and you’ll find the same type blank sock puppet accounts that populate the Flat Earth community as well.

It’s hard enough to get people to understand the reality of boiling water, and the most profound understanding one can have about the state of the planet, but doing it amidst this super-saturation of stupefication is quite obviously next to impossible. These automated streams of constant BS drown out all reality, and surely numb viewers ability to absorb any real truth at all… especially if they think these comments are “real.”

So, once again, you can see what we are all up against. That is why I work so very hard, to make SURE this work is completely SEPARATED from the sea of sock puppet disinformation, and make sure my work is completely verifiable. This channel is the ONE PLACE, that is VERY different from the saturation of stupidity, needless to say – it is no small undertaking. The liars run cyberspace, so I depend solely on the support of my REAL viewers to keep this endeavor going. As you can see, there is no end to effort to thwart and suppress this channel and the singular truth it provides, and I need all the true support I can get.


For those who want to truly understand the nature and mechanics of this global psyop operation that is dominating cyberspace, read and study the articles bellow. Once you truly understand how simply it works, it’s as easy to see as boiling water is.






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