FLAT EARTH BRITISH, Nazi Map Called “Atlantian Gardens” Is It Real?

Join Martin to look at a cool catch by You Tuber James Munder..Full props to James all his work…A.Nazi map from 1944 of some sort of topographical survey.With corrdinates ,and maps of a mystery land called Agatha.The map called “Atlantian Gardens” .Top Secret..please use disertion this could be just another a fake . Nazi’s faked a lot and found online so……Or not.could be a clue,,They talk of “viewing a new light!(Sun)!., interesting and worth a look….,.Linked video by James https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QvIpxK4AUL8&t=176s…Thanks James….. Links to Info on FE UK Convention 2018 https://www.flatearthconventionuk.co.uk/

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