Flat Earth: Debunked

These are the results of a group project which took place during the September Equinox 2017. 23 participants in 9 different countries conducted a simple scientific experiment similar to that of Eratosthenes over 2000 years ago.

The test is simple. Using the Latitude of each participant (as Longitude will be either 180° or 0°) The sun’s elevation angle was measured during Solar Noon. These angles were then placed across both a Flat Plane and a Sphere to see which model the angles correspond to.

Do I have to tell you the results?

Additionally, ALL ANGLES concurred with the angles displayed on:

I would like to personally thank ALL who participated..

Oh, and the complete lack of participation by Flat Earthers is a supplemental proof that Flat Earthers are NOT seeking Truth.. As they don’t seem to be looking for it..

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