Flat Earth | Globe Earth Mathematically Debunked

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Dear Trolls,

It took us a lot of time and work to make this video. So please, if you think that this was staged or faked or anything like that, don’t bother to comment on this video, because your comment will be deleted and you will be blocked. You can just ignore us and everyone will be happy.

We just demonstrated how we can convert a Flat Land to a Globe Land using the same Math that the most famous Mathematicians used by just ”Ignoring Refraction” or making it useless.
If you think that the Atmosphere is what science tells us, then you’re going to have to prove that.
And when I say the atmosphere, I don’t mean water, or gases, or vapor, or glass, or lenses… what I mean is the Atmosphere itself. And I don’t mean those NASA’s pictures that are obviously fake. You can’t tell me how the atmosphere bends the light if you have no experiment to back up your claims. If you got assumptions based on Math only (The Math you see when you Google things), then we got assumptions based on Math and Experiments.
We do Experiments ourselves, we don’t just wait for others to do them for us.
They don’t do any experiments anyway.

Drawing (Refraction Included):

Drawing (Refraction Not Included):

Full Experiments In Indonesian

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Ibam Archerstone: https://www.youtube.com/user/baimbamz

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