Toronto to Niagara 30 mile FLAT EARTH FAIL by Marty the LIAR Leeds

Seeing Toronto From 30 Miles Away – The Earth is FLAT NOT!!!! 100% PROOF and FACTS of over 240 + FEET MISSING! Marty LIAR Leeds tries to fool the herd by comparing 8,000 miles by only 30 miles and says the images look pretty close and almost identical when in FACT there is hundreds of feet missing or hundreds of feet dropping down because of the Spherical Globe (BALL) of Earth! Smarty Marty said there is only a little bit of the street obscured from view which implies just a couple of feet, but is a couple of feet the same thing as 240+ feet? NO! Because Mart Liar Leeds is a Pi’ed Piper who LEADS the FOOLS right OFF the EDGE of the LEDGE of NOledge! ALMOST IDENTICAL? More like NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!

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