Flat Earth Topics – 06 ANTARCTICA (Ravna Zemlja, Tierra Plana)

Flat Earth Topics – 06 ANTARCTICA (CC SrHr/Esp)
This is episode 6 of the series “Flat Earth Topics” by FE-MEX.
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Flat Earth Topics by FE-MEX
1. WHY AM I IN FE? It pulls all conspiracies along.
2. The BIG BANG Theory: Momentum, uniformity, orbiting… Why are all planets round?
3. FLIGHTS: Flight paths, Antarctica flight ban… No nose dipping…
4. PRESSURE: What separates Earth’s atmosphere from the vacuum of the cosmos?
5. ROTATION: Copernicus, the Michelson/Morley experiment, Einstein and our senses.
6. ANTARCTICA: No circumnavigation NSN, the trip around it took 3 years (over 60,000 miles), MABUS’ Sun paradox, warm parts, fresh water, Nazis, rare rain and snow, underwater passages, pyramids, Admiral Byrd, no access without permit… Desert?
7. CIRCUMNAVIGATION: No circumnavigation NSN, only E-W, around Antarctica took 3yrs, 60K+ miles.
8. WATER: Always finds level. Never curves.
9. CURVATURE: Atmospheric distortion? (Jeranism: Flat Earth Bathurst Lighthouse Obscurity) Horizon is called so for being horizontal.
10. THE MOON: Did we go? Shouldn’t we know more? Didn’t go? Bendi door, bubbles, combustion in vacuum, no stars Apollo 11, press conference embarrassed and worried faces…
11. THE SUN: Crepuscular rays triangulate distance. Hot spots. Sun spots.
12. VACUUM: How do we transmit radio waves or any other?
13. THE SKY: Astrolabe still works fine. What changed, all’s the same? Stars steady, Polaris?
14. PHOTOS of Earth: Round or oval? Continent sizes? Composites?
15. MAPS: Is there more land? Where? Sun tracking, MABUS moving South America… Ancient maps…
16. THE ARCTIC: Ocean, ice or land? Mount Meru? Atlantis?
18. GRAVITY: Sasha’s identical objects experiment…
19. WHY THE HELIOCENTRIC CONSPIRACY? All for profit. Millions of years ago? Knowledge keepers. Why?
20. HOW TO PROVE FLAT EARTH? Fly NSN over Antarctica or take an authentic photo from space.
21. RELIGION: Adam and Eve? All one big family? Who wrote what, when and WHY?
22. ALIENS: We see something. What could it be?
23. SPACE X: Impossible to land such mass on such turbulent waters or any other water.
24. SATELLITES: Ground positioning system? My cell story. Towers, cables?
25. SYSTEM OF THOUGHT-CONTROL: Psychological mass control since ever. By whom?
26. BRAIN CAPACITY vs USAGE: Why? What is progress? What is success? What’s real?
27. SELF-GOVERNING: Benefits, how, all or none. Simplify, equalize…
28. BALKAN WARS AND OTHERS: Rigged, WWI/II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, 911, etcetera.
29. WWII: My family story and the inexplicable paradoxes I’ve come across.
30. SUPPOSITIONS YES, BUT… Suppositions are good. Ideas that must be proven…
31. TIMEKEEPING: First timekeepers in Ancient Egypt, Sumerians 2000 BC, first clock.

Flat Earth – Ravna Zemlja

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