Flat Earth: Submarines Cant Work On Globe Earth – Here’s PROOF!!

Another IMPOSSIBILITY if the earth is a globe. Submarines working on the globe is a HOAX! Here is more PHYSICAL PROOF! Now, gravity can’t be an excuse! The military is very precise with how submarines are guided. As such PROOF can be obtained as to if they would work on a globe earth – They DON’T! All submarines become “Neutral Buoyant” when they are most effective. This means that GRAVITY does NOT affect submarines as that is 100% taken out of the equation for steering. Globe earth believers (those who don’t prove anything… just accusers of others of being stupid.) SO, on a flat earth, you can prove that NO Submarines are on the globe. Don’t believe me, check out the video. Submarines simply would not work on a globe. However. they would be quite nice on a flat earth – and they are indeed!

Video Link mentioned at about 5 Minutes: Airplanes PROVE Flat Earth!! Gyroscopes Remain LEVEL Entire
Flight!! | FLAT EARTH PROOF 8 pt3
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