The Flat Earth Debate

The Flat Earth Debate

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The Flat Earth Debate is arguably one of the craziest conspiracy theories left on the world today! To question a belief is one thing, but to say that we live on a “flat earth,” ARE YOU CRAZY?

Well today, we bring on a flat earth debate with scientists, one in particular who has been converted to believe that the world is indeed flat as a pancake!

Is there really a “NASA Flat Earth Cover Up?” The Flat Earth Society (organization who believes the earth is indeed..flat) says so, and they have Flat Earth Evidence to prove it!

Today we try to debunk the Flat Earth Theory, but can it be done with the evidence presented by this flat earth expert?

Is NASA lying to the public, do we live on a flat earth? Is NASA a fraud? Today we ask all the hard questions in this “flat earth debate 2017”

What do you think? has NASA been lying about Earth? What is your stance on the Flat Earth Debate? comment below!

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