The Top 10 Flat Earth Arguments Debunked

In this video we debunk the 10 most common arguments in favour of the flat Earth model that we see. The flat Earth debate has really flared up in recent months with a great deal of misinformation floating about, so we decided to refute a portion of it.

It is worth noting that there will be arguments that we haven’t addressed, but due to the sheer number of flat Earth arguments that exist it is unrealistic to expect this video to debunk every flat Earth argument. It is designed to debunk the arguments we picked (weird that I feel I have to point this out).

P.S a few times during recording we accidentally said “if the sun was flat” that is just a slip of the tongue as it had been a long recording day, I can confirm we did mean to say Earth. Sorry about that!


Catalog of Flat Earth Claims & Refutations –

Behold: NASA’s first image of the whole Earth in decades –

The earth pictured by Hayabusa –

Terra Orbit Coverage Illustration –

Top 10 Ways to Know the Earth is Not Flat –

The Blue Marble –


Refraction of Light –

Atmospheric refraction –

Looming and similar refraction phenomena –

Explained: Observations of Canigou, Curvature of the Earth & Atmospheric Refraction –

Gravity –

Tests of general relativity –

Halley’s comet –

Differences between gravitational and electromagnetic radiation —

The electric universe theory debunked –

Is gravity just electromagnetic attraction? –

International space station livestream –

Gravity Might Destroy The Possibility of Electromagnetic Symmetry in The Universe –

Electric universe –
How do birds fly? –

Explained: Why flying isn’t impossible on a globe –

Explained: Why a Spirit Level on a Plane Does Not Show Curvature “Corrections” –

Flat Earth Debunk Visualization –

Crepuscular angles and the flat idea –

Star trails from the southern hemisphere –

Polaris star rotation night sky star trials timelapse –

Crux (Southern Cross) –

Sigma Octantis –

Pole Star –

Does the North Star ever move? –

How Polaris proves the Earth is Round –

Can you see the Southern Cross in the northern hemisphere? –

Debunked: Rivers flow uphill –

Flights over Antarctica –

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