Earth? Sphere? or Flat Surface? | Urdu/Hindi | دنیا؟ سادہ سطح؟ یا گولا؟ | Goher Ali Rizvi

This Video is based on translation of VSauce “Is Earth Actually Flat?”

This Video describes the earth spherical shape when Greeks first found out about the earth surface to be spherical by doing experiments in the sea or by placing poles at different places and measuring shadows at different times. To not only prove spherical earth but also calculating circumference of the earth with great accuracy.

Also how modern era introduced the Term Flat Earth and “Flat Earth Societies” to mock people who believe in spherical shape of earth and other religions or other people who are not pro science.

This video is in Urdu / hindi language to clarify how a disk shape of earth will not be practical and it will collapse in its own weight and gravity and become sphere like Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn, and other planets or stars.

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