Hey Flat Earthers: Can You Explain This?

Please read this description to help you understand the video:

Firstly, I want to indicate that I have respect for Flat Earthers and their intellectual curiosity/courage to defy the status quo. I have entertained the idea of a flat earth in the past, as I realized that, amazingly, I have never actually seen proof with my very own eyes of such a presumably fundamental fact. I thought about experiments I could do, such as going to the beach and measuring the curvature of the horizon, but I have done such “experiments” many times already and my measurements–and perhaps calculations– thus far have been too inaccurate to be conclusive. Eventually, I came to accept a round Earth, but I haven’t lost interest in the flat earth argument.

I hope you don’t dismiss me as a stupid Fat Earther and that you consider the following evidence, which I find to be original and especially compelling as it does not require any calculations to be understood. Simple, easy-to-understand arguments are more effective with the general populace.

On this flight, as my plane was landing, I finally witnessed with my own eyes actual, novel physical evidence that could be used to argue for a round Earth. Let me explain.

This video was captured as my plane was landing. The glare makes it really hard at times to clearly see the Sun, but it is obvious if you look at the beginning and the end of the video you can see that the Sun has gone from being above the horizon to being completely hidden. For example, compare 0:02, 0:55 – 1:15, and 1:33 (you can really see the sun going down from 0:55 to 1:15).

When I saw this at first, I thought that the sun was somehow setting extremely fast. However, my mom pointed out that this was just an illusion of perspective, and that the sun setting so fast could be explained by the plane decreasing rapidly in altitude. This led me immediately to think of this as new compelling evidence to prove the Earth is round. How does a plane decreasing in altitude make the sun set faster if the Earth is flat?

To me, this is exciting new evidence that puts a big hole in the Flat Earth argument (despite its numerous existing holes, in my opinion). It is simple, visual, and easy enough for a layman to understand. It doesn’t even require math to be understood! Seeing this with my eyes really hit the nail in the coffin. I would really like to see how Flat Earthers explain this.

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