Flat Earth: The Cherokees and their Flat Earth beliefs

As I explore the Flat Earth beliefs of other nations, I decided to single this one out since I lived where it once was Cherokee land in the American South. I combined their belief system in the flat earth with a high altitude balloon image and a beautiful song.
Below is their belief according to:


“To the Cherokees, the Earth was a flat disc of water with a large island floating in the middle. The Earth hung by four cords — one each in the north, east, south, and west — from a sky arch made of stone. This was the Middle World, where the plants, animals, and humans lived. Above the sky arch was the Upper World. This was where the guiding and protective spirits of humans and animals lived. These spirits could move from the Upper World to the Middle World and back to help the humans keep balance and harmony on the Earth. Below the Earth was the Under World of bad spirits. Bad spirits brought disorder and disaster. They could rise to the Middle World through deep springs, lakes, and caves. When these spirits caused trouble, Cherokees called on the spirits from the Upper World to help restore balance and harmony to the Middle World.”

Soundtrack: The Last of the Mohicans theme.

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