A Stranger’s Guide To The Flat Earth – 21 Questions ▶️ By ODD Reality (mirror)

If you don´t look into a certain thing, that sounds impossible at first, you will always think, that it´s impossible & just not true! But if you look into things like 9/11 & flat earth & you are a sceptical, critical, open minded thinking person, you will see that it´s not that impossible anymore, like you may have thought at first.

If you are new to the flat earth reality, then this is the way to go!
Please watch it with an open mind & without any pre-judgements!
This is a mirrored video from the one & only ODD Reality!
Big thanks to him, for putting together this awesome Guide for people that want to know the real truth!

Here´s the link to the original video:


If you haven´t subscribed to ODD Reality yet, then please do so… or if you rather believe in you live on a spinning ball, then please just move on, WITHOUT insulting us, because in the end, THE JOKE IS ON YOU!

We don´t believe the earth is flat!
We see it!

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