Lake Pontchartrain Transmission Lines Nikon P900 (3/3) – (Flat Earth Debunked)

DSCN0512 west side
– stabilized and color corrected by YouTube

The raw video
Electric transmission pylons trace out the curve of the Earth as they cross Lake Pontchartrain.

The tall tower (GPS: 30°17’37.59″N, 90°18’38.64”W) is listed in FAA Obstacle data under the reference number ORS# 22-001038 which provides the height of the tower at 210ft (above ground level) and 211ft (above mean sea level). The tower is ~15.9 miles from the observer. A rough, but pretty good estimate of the observer height is around 30-50ft. Given this information we’d expect to see 170 – 190ft of the tower above the horizon, which is consistent with these observations.

Based on the shadows of the short towers compared to the shadows of the tall tower in google earth the short towers appears to be roughly 75ft tall.

Google Earth titles do not always line up correctly. Use the history feature to see that the align of a specific pylon changes based on the camera angle. Driving past the pylons makes it clear that they are for all intents and purposes directly in line.

Raw Photos and Videos Of Lake Pontchartrain Structures:
– Mostly Canon T5:
– Mostly P900 Help support my observations via Patreon:

These observations match the predictions of a globe. Please educate yourself before claiming otherwise.

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