A Flat Earth Book – Heaven And Earth By Gabrielle Henriet

A reading from the book ‘Heaven and Earth’ By Gabrielle Henriet. This text provides a good foundation for people to begin imagine the flat Earth’s weather phenomena, wandering stars, their patterns and some basic flat earth concepts and possibilities. It is a very interesting read. It is not however the most accurate representation of all of earth’s phenomena. They can be found in a text called The Book of Enoch… which you can watch here… (in shorter form)

Or here in full… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CO22j5Fqx-4

This is one of my favourite flat earth books. I used this book in one of my first movies. Youtube just attached a “copyright’ to my upload, after its been up for 8 or 9 months or so… so I’ve had to repost it.
This movie is one of the most attacked / suppressed ones I’ve ever done. They are always coming up with a new excuse to take it down, it’s happened at least ten times so far. I just change whatever they complain about and repost it. There’s no actual ‘copyright issue’ or ‘citation’ placed against the video, or my channel, it is just suddenly blocked in all 264 (or so) countries…, ‘for copyright reasons’, … arbitrarily … after it’s been up for a year…

This is why a lot of time I have to repost something after it’s been up for a while. I apologize for having to repost it, I reworked it a bit to trim it and make it a more enjoyable view, so I guess it works out in the end. : )

While perhaps not as complete a cosmology as The Book Of Enoch, I think some of the descriptions of: the workings of the dome, the sun, the ‘satellite disks of the earth’ (aka stars and planets), descriptions of the influence of the cosmic rays, the cosmic breath streams, the tides …. just to name a few of the things described herein, are amazingly entertaining possibilities, if not entirely correct explanations.

The other version of this movie can be seen here…
‘intermediate flat earth – what holds up the sun?’

Remember ‘they’ work hard to suppress my (and other similar) channels, videos and info. They work overtime to shut us down across all media platforms and genres. They take billions in faking space and spend billions on programming the lie into all media and educational institutions. Us on the other hand… 99% of our movies are automatically “un monetized” arbitrarily, we’re shadow-banned, we’re pushed way down on all search results pages… and still people get upset at us for sharing the truth and trying to make enough to eat. These factors make it hard to maintain momentum. I must thank everyone for their patience and support.
If you’re new to this, think we’re crazy and really don’t get it, you could watch this movie for some of the basics…
God bless everyone. : )

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