Rob Skiba’s Fuzzy Ball Logic, and the Eye Level Horizon – Flat Earth Falsities

In this episode, I examine the fuzzy logic presented in Rob Skiba’s video, entitled “How Pythagoras and Eratosthenes gave us the Flat Earth trump card”. Skiba makes several errors in reasoning, and most significantly, fails to account for the immense size of the earth, and the very tiny horizon dip angle which results from that size. He also misconstrues my own video, and does not seem to understand basic geometry. Flat earth debunked once again. The flat earth society might disagree, but we have proof the earth is round. No flat earth model explains all observations. There really isn’t even a cogent flat earth theory, just a bunch of bad ad hoc claims, but they are feeble attempts to prove the the earth is flat.

Link to Rob Skiba’s original video:

DazzaTheCameraMan’s cruise ship time lapse:

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