Flat Earth | Curved Water Found- DEBUNKED

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Another good video about the same thing and it shows NO CURVATURE

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Antonio’s Video

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It seemed like I was talking about the wrong Power Lines in this video. My apologies to the Flat Earth Math. But even if the Power Lines are in a straight line, they can look curved because of refraction. I will try to make a second video to talk about more points, because I am more than sure that there is no curvature, not in that lake not anywhere on earth. If there was any curvature in that lake, then why don’t we see it in Pontchartrain Bridge? All pictures of that bridge show no curvature. What’s up with that?
I really didn’t know there were other Power Lines in the lake, I looked for more but I could only found these so I thought they were the right ones. My bad, I wanted to ask the person who took the pictures but I never knew who he was.
The reason why I didn’t delete the video is because the rest of the video is still valid, at least to me. If I find out that it’s wrong, It will be deleted like always. So I am begging you guys to do your own experiment and trust your own eyes. I am just a human, I am not God, and I make mistakes. So this is why I am begging you to do your own research.
Some people are saying that Karen’s table is not flat. Well she checked it twice and it was flat. There is another table in the video which is mine and it’s longer and flat too. Next time we will try to use a counter or something that is not wood, because wood can lose its shape over time.
Anyway! We’re just experimenting here. Because there is no curvature and these pictures are either fake or refraction is distorting the image of the last power lines.

Not buying it. Sorry. I might have made a mistake by talking about the wrong Power Lines and acusing the FEM for not doing his research but that is not the only thing that has been said in the video. I showed you a picture of the same bridge showing the earth bending upwards; does that prove the concave earth? I don’t think so.


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